I am constantly thinking of new ways to promote my debut novel, Who Is He To You, so I can get the word out and sell some books! While researching different ways to promote and draw traffic to my website, I came across several adds for production companies that offer to make trailers for your book. You know, like the movie trailers you see on TV. I knew I had to have one, but the OMG they cost a lot! Being an independent author, my funds are limited and I need to save as much as I can whenever possible. So, while at the Black Writer’s Reunion & Conference, I met Sophia C. Simmons, author of Love Again. She suggested that I make my own trailer like she did. Hmm…make my own trailer? Why not? It’s free and, if done properly, very effective. So, I opened up my Windows Movie Maker application and went to work. WHO IS HE TO YOU Trailer.

Check out the trailer for Who Is He To You at www.MoniqueDMensah.com


2 responses to “WHO IS HE TO YOU Trailer

  1. Congratulations on your book. Can’t wait to readit. Although fiction, I’m sure it will help many people who deal with incest and abuse. Remember October is National Domestic Violence Month.

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