Unveiling Detroit’s Secret Society

DIAIs it just me, or is Detroit’s arts & culture/literary scene an underground secret society? It seems that everyone on the scene knows or has heard a great deal about everyone else. There are a few well-known authors and artists whose names are mentioned in just about every conversation that has to do with a cool painting, a dope poem, an intoxicating song, or an amazing book, but who are these people to everyone else in the city? Do you know who they are? Do they know you? The talented people that make up Detroit’s arts and culture scene carry themselves as a closely knit family that shows continuous love, support, and encouragement. I have been privileged to be a part of this group, where I am constantly being updated on upcoming events, promotional ideas, or just a great pep talk or email when I’m feeling a little burnt out. The camaraderie and the sense of belonging feel good and the love is shown throughout our interaction and conversation. All of that is great, but what about the outsiders? What about those that have yet to be exposed to the great artists and authors blessing the D with their gifts, therefore they view their only choices of entertainment in the city as Friday night at the club and Saturday night at the local bar? What about those that want to express themselves through the art of poetry, writing, painting, drawing or singing, but don’t know where to go or who to talk to? What about those who yearn to be around those beautiful, talented, eclectic people that make up the arts scene (people like themselves), but have no idea where they meet to hang out and exchange artistry? The rest of Detroit is knocking; it’s time to let them in!

In speaking to several people in the city, I’ve found that a lot of us are painfully unaware of the fact that Detroit has a live and bustling arts and cultural scene. Yes, it is painful! It hurts that many of us are unrecognized for the brilliant contributions we make to the city simply because Detroit is not “known” for arts and culture. It is here, it’s big, and it’s wonderful! When my novel, Who Is He To You (plug) was about to come out, I was a bit worried that I would not be able crack into the literary and arts scene in order to hang with and learn from like-minded people in an attempt to relate to my target audience. “Where are they?” was the question heavy on my mind. How do I find them? I knew there was a lot going on and I was not a part of it. After some asking around and shameless latching on, I found the hidden jewel and I want to spread the word. There is still a lot left to be uncovered, and uncover it, I will. Once I do, I’m blowing the top off Detroit’s secret society and inviting the “outsiders” to see what we have going on!

I want you! As an author, I have been given a powerful voice and I want Detroit to perk up and listen. I have an obligation to introduce you to the beautiful people of the arts & culture/literary scene. Are you an artist, poet, or singer? Do you play an instrument, write books, dance, or create sculptures? Do you? Well, I want to get to know you and so does the rest of Metro Detroit. If you won’t come to me, I will find you and put you out here for everyone to see. Trust me, this is a good thing. I’m starting author and artist interviews in October. I will also be keeping you posted on exciting new events and hang-outs so you can be well-informed about the secret society’s whereabouts. I will get it started, but I hope I am not alone. Join me for this movement and let’s see some changes happen in the D. Peace!