The Dynamic Duo: Adra Young and Tracie Christian

Being an author is hard work! If you expect to succeed in this business, Tracie and Adrayou better believe you will have to work your ass off and let the world know that you’re here. That’s why I admire these two ladies so much. They are two of the hardest working author’s in the Detroit area. Tracie Christian and Adra Young are everywhere. And when I say everywhere, I’m talking about the clubs, the coffee shops, the conventions, the bars, the internet, the schools, the non-profit organizations, and anywhere else you can think of (and some you may not). I first met these ladies at a mixer for a non-profit organization we all belong to. Now let me be the first to tell you from a new author’s perspective, approaching seasoned and experienced authors can be somewhat intimidating. I knew of these ladies, but had never actually met them before, but by the way they treated me, you’d never know it. They welcomed me with open arms and readily shared information to help me out. I instantly liked them and wanted to be a part of their movement.

Adra and Tracie have been best friends for years and they are now working together to promote their work throughout Metro Detroit. As if that wasn’t enough work in itself, they also create events to connect other authors and people in the arts and entertainment industry so we can all network and learn from each other. Although Adra and Tracie’s books differ in genre and style, these two ladies definitely compliment each other and their dynamic connection shows in every event that they do. I would like to thank you Adra Young and Tracie Christian, for blessing Detroit with your talent and embracing other artists with kindness and knowledge.

Okay, so I promised to keep everyone up to date on upcoming events so I could let you into “Detroit’s Secret Society” of arts, literature, and culture. I’m keeping my promise by posting the events of the Dynamic Duo: Adra Young and Tracie Christian below. Also be sure to check out their books so you can support a couple of black authors out here doing the damn thing!

The Books

The Every Day Living Of Children & Teens Monologues by Adra Young


The Black College Sabbatical: Winter Quarter by Tracie Christian


The Black College Sabbatical: Fall Quarter by Tracie Christian



Arts & Entertainment

Catch The Dynamic Dual At The Toast- Presented By Shed Events & Crown Royal With DJ Biz Markie

Time:9:00PM Wednesday, November 25th

Location:The Whitney


Coffee, Arts & Entertainment Talk

Time:3:00PM Sunday, December 13th

Location:4601 Woodward Ave BIGGBY Coffee


Authoress Adra Young Ultimate Book & Birthday Bash at Club Eden!

Time:9:00PM Friday, November 20th

Location:22061 Woodward


Catch Authors Adra Young & Tracie Christian On AAMBC Interviews

Time:7:00PM Monday, November 23rd

Location:AAMBC Radio