SMOKE SCREEN: The Synopsis

BREAKING NEWS: The Man Eater has struck again, catapulting Metro Detroit into a state of paralyzing fear. With six murders to her credit, no man is safe.  The Detroit Police have yet to find a connection between the victims, but the Man Eater’s reign may come to a halt with one small, but unmistakable piece of evidence . . .

Lauren Palmer, one of Detroit’s most prominent and successful defense attorneys, is fed up with the loathsome task of defending criminals. She takes the law into her own hands: the guilty get convicted, even if it means she loses the case. The innocent few are just casualties, taking the fall for the greater good. She can’t set her moral standards aside for a $400,000 salary, winning acquittal after acquittal for the demonstratively guilty. But how far will she go to rid Detroit of its criminal filth?

Lauren’s best friend, Ryan Taylor, is desperate to have a baby, but her husband is vehemently against it. When they first married, they agreed—no kids. But can’t she change her mind? Ryan is willing to do whatever it takes to become a mom, even if it means betrayal. With her biological clock screaming and a shameful ten-year secret bubbling to the surface, Ryan is determined to get what she wants, but she may lose her husband—and her mind—in the process.

Simone Pembroke dedicates her life to counseling sexually abused girls. Having endured the pain herself at the hands of her father ten years ago, she’s the only one who understands them. But her mother, Jessica, thinks it’s unhealthy for Simone to immerse herself into a world of pain and jaded love when she has yet to fully heal herself. A new, unexpected love interest only complicates matters further. Can Simone juggle the burdens of her past while giving her and her girls hope for the future? Simone’s passion for her girls may lurch her into an inescapable realm of insanity—rendering her an eternal victim, forever under her father’s spell.

Lauren, Ryan, and Simone meet again after the tragedy that unwittingly brought them all together ten years ago. With a serial killer on the loose, any one of them makes for the ideal suspect. As their lives collide yet again, forcing them to deal with the tragedies of their pasts, the three ladies regretfully learn that no one is safe behind the thin shield of a smoke screen.