About Monique D. Mensah

Monique May0909 053 (retouch)As a new author, it is  important that  my readers get to know me and what to expect.  I am an author of dramatic fiction.   My novels are filled with unique multi-dimensional characters,  edgy plots, shocking twists, and yes DRAMA! Be prepared to feel a myriad of sentiments as each chapter evokes  emotion and sometimes audible reactions.

This is just the beginning for me, but you can expect a lot more!


4 responses to “About Monique D. Mensah

  1. Monique,
    I met you briefly at the poetry fest last night June 5th.
    I am thrilled for your up coming success! I also write a little.
    We may benefit from a brain storm over coffee. I have been involved with the entertainment industry as well as your subject matter. We should talk.
    I live in Southfield also ( Hey neighbor!)
    Feel free to halla
    Warm Regards
    M. D. Hunter

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